Air Date September 25, 2007
Written by Tara Butters
Michele Fazekas
Director Kevin Smith
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Sam Oliver has always been the slacker with no goals or purpose. However, his life takes an unprecedented new direction on his twenty-first birthday, when he discovers that his parents sold his soul to the Devil and he must now become Satan's personal bounty hunter.


Sam Oliver has always been a slacker with no goals or purpose. College made him "sleepy." But on his 21st birthday his life takes a new direction when he learns that his parents had sold his soul to the Devil. Now he must serve as Satan's personal bounty hunter collecting souls that have escaped from hell. For his first task, Sam and his friends capture an arsonist who is repeating the crimes he committed in life. His only weapon is a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. A freaked-out Sam turns to his friends Sock and Ben for help and the three slackers, whose previous excitement consisted of long nights at their job at The Work Bench, decide to embrace this new destiny and set off in pursuit of their first escaped soul. In between fighting the demon, Sam contemplates asking his co-worker and longtime friend Andi on a date.


  • Sock: "You Bruce Bannered that thing, man!" -- Bruce Banner is the lead character from The Incredible Hulk comic book.
  • Andi: "You're, like, Batman." -- Batman is a DC Comics superhero.
  • Sock: "You can make her go out with you, Damien." -- Damien was the name of Satan's son in The Omen series of movies. It also forshadows the fact that Sam maybe the son of the Devil
  • The Devil: "It's "The Lady or the Tiger", Sam." -- "The Lady, or the Tiger?" is a famous short story written by Frank R. Stockton in 1884.
  • Sock: "You are Neo, you're the one!" -- Neo was the main character from the Matrix films.
  • Sock: "Eat it, Heat Miser!" -- The Heat Miser is the villain from the stop-motion television special The Year Without a Santa Claus.


This episode earned a 2.1 household rating from Nielsen Media Research.



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