Hungry for Fame
Air Date March 13, 2008
Written by James Eagan
Director James Head
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Sam tries to save an untalented musician from selling his soul to the Devil to become a rock star, while tracking down an escaped soul named Phillip Carmona who's eating people.They track him to a morgue, by using Josie's former, expired, I.D to get in. Once there, they are then sent packing by a doctor, they barricade one of two doors to stunt the souls entry points. But Sam sees the doctor munching on a corpse. Sock chases the soul to its mothers house, where she has already been eaten, Sock flips out and attacks the soul, saying that "She was a good mom". They manage to capture him after a lengthy chase. To try and stop the musician (Ryan) from selling his soul, after the free trial of his fame concert, they show him the soul, who fakes being human, until Ryan turns his back on him and loses his hand. Then, Sam recaptures the soul. Later on, he visits Ryan in the hospital, he has no memory of the souls attack, but is no longer interested in selling his soul especially when his ex-girlfriend comes back to him. Later, the Devil congratulates Sam on getting one over him, before tipping over almost every huge metal shelf in the Work Bench, before warning Sam that he is not mad, merely disappointed at this point.


This episode earned a 1.7 household rating from Nielsen Media Research.



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