The Leak
Air Date May 13, 2008
Written by Chris Dingess
Director John Fortenberry
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After Sam turns in a soul named Mike Volta who has escaped from hell numerous times, the Devil tells Sam there must be a leak, who turns out to be Gladys. Meanwhile, Ben and his new wife Sara have to deal with immigration authorities, however things don't turn out so well for Ben. Meanwhile Tony and his fellow rebel demons become suspicious of Sam, after they get their hands on his contract.



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In this episode, when Gladys is being reassigned to hell, she hands her cat "Fancy" to Sam. Gladys asks Sam to look after Fancy for her, telling him that he would occasionally have to squeeze his(the cat's) pustules. In the previous episode, "Greg Schmeg", the cat Fancy was referred to as female, whereas in this episode it was referred to as a male. The mistake apparently went unnoticed before the episode was aired.

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