Air Date May 20, 2008
Written by Michele Fazekas
Tara Butters
Tom Spezialy
Director Stephen Cragg
Next episode "Episode IV: A New Hope"

The first season finale.

The demons set a trap for Sam, because the demon Tony suspects that Sam is the Devil's son. Later it is shown that after Sam and his dad are going to be killed by the demons by being buried alive, Tony's partner comes and helps change Tony's view of his death and the fact that demons can be forgiven by God. Tony turns into his demon form and rescues Sam leaving Sam's father alone in the pit to be killed by being buried alive. Then Sam confronts his mother who tells him nothing is being hidden from him and that Sam should show her the place where her husband was buried so she can put some flowers over his grave. Sam is later given time off by the Devil who had come to pay condolences to Sam's father.

Meanwhile, Sock falls for a succubus, Ben is released from jail, and Andi and Sam track down a tarot card reader who is an escaped soul.

As the season finale finishes, it is shown that the Sam's mother is digging her husband out of the place where he was buried and he is alive. He then asks her what took her so long, leaving the surprising possibility that Sam's parents might be demons.



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