The Favorite
Air Date March 24, 2009
Written by Michele Fazekas
Tara Butters
Director Kevin Dowling
Next episode "I Want My Baby Back"

The Devil orders Sam to teach his spoiled son, Morgan, to have a stronger work ethic so he can take over the family business. Sam reluctantly takes Morgan with him to capture an escaped soul named Edmund Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, Ben believes Nina is turned off by his human form, and Sock uses Ted in a scheme at The Work Bench.


Scoop from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello: "Armie Hammer (no relation to the baking soda) is joining the cast as Morgan, Sam's half bro. Although it would seem he's only concerned with spending time at the hottest clubs and dating super models, Morgan is secretly jealous of Sam, and has a darker agenda which will prove to be dangerous to Sam and the gang."

- Updated 3/5/08 - The CW's Official Description: MEET THE DEVIL’S OTHER SON — The Devil (Ray Wise) introduces Sam (Bret Harrison) to Morgan (guest star Armie Hammer), his charming, rich, perfect other son. The Devil tells Sam he must teach Morgan how to have a stronger work ethic as he’s grooming him to take over the “family business” so Sam reluctantly takes Morgan with him to capture the next escaped soul. Meanwhile, Sock (Tyler Labine) uses Ted (Donovan Stinson) in his next Work Bench scheme and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) thinks Nina (Jenny Wade) is secretly disgusted by his human form. Missy Peregrym and Eriko Tamura also star. Kevin Dowling directed the episode written by Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters (#204).



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