My Brother's Reaper
Air Date May 5, 2009
Written by Chris Dingess
Director Ron Underwood
Next episode "To Sprong, With Love"

Sam is tasked with getting Gary, a spoiled rich guy the Devil wants, to sign a contract selling his soul. Unfortunately, Gary is too clever, and manages to avoid all Sam's attempts to get him to sign on the dotted line. Since Ben and Sock burned down her lair, Nina moves in with the guys. A remorseful Morgan shows up without a place to stay, no job and no possessions, so Sam invites him to live at the house - however he turns into a horrible houseguest. Morgan not only flirts with Nina, but also puts Sam in a precarious position, eats Sock's cereals and deletes the programmes he's taped. Meanwhile, Andi feels left out, so she lets Sock throw a bachelor party for Ted at The Work Bench, but things go horribly awry.

This episode is the only episode that does not feature a vessel. This is the 2nd episode to not feature an escaped soul, the first being Greg, Schmeg.



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