As Sam is enjoying a night out with the gang, The Devil teleports Sam to a jeweler's and gives him information on the next escaped soul. The gang track down Mr. Sprong (Michael McDonald) and attack him with the vessel (this time a mallet). Unfortunately, he's not absorbed into it. When Andi takes a look at the information the Devil gave Sam, she finds out that Mr. Sprong was only the soul's target (Sam had only looked at the picture of Mr. Sprong and assumed he was the soul). The real soul, was Jordy Boone. As soon as they find out, Jordy immediately shows up. As soon as Sam tries to capture him, he teleports and every other time he tries to hit him. The gang escape the school and end up kidnapping Mr. Sprong in the process so he won't press charges.

Later on, Jordy shows up again and takes Andi hostage and demands the gang give him Mr. Sprong. Jordy gives them a few minutes to decide while he waites outside. The gang hand over Sprong. As Jordy prepares to make his move, Sprong reveals the mallet and strikes and captures him. Sprong is in total bewilderment and hits Sam and Sock as he flees.

Meanwhile, Ben tries defend Nina from male demons because of mating season.



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