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One of Sam and Sock's co-workers and friends, Benjamin "Ben" Gonzalez (played by Rick Gonzalez) knows Sam is working for Satan and helps him out. He seems to have a tendency to get hurt when assisting Sam in capturing escaped souls, though this tendency diminished as the series progressed, partly because he doesn't go soul-hunting along with Sam as extensively as Sock does. Ben was initially seen as the brains of the trio as he is usually the one responsible for coming up with tactics and strategies in aiding Sam capture escaped souls, and is not above recommending and taking advantage of The Work Bench's merchandise as make-shift hunting gear whenever the three conduct a hunt; he initially sought training as a priest and has an extensive knowledge of the Bible, and often raises theological questions about the nature of their missions and the Devil's involvement.

Ben appears far less competent when he agrees to a green card marriage with his British co-worker Sara. He had just given up on his search for the perfect girl, who happens to be independently wealthy, enjoys mixed martial arts, and reads Sue Grafton novels. Once married, Ben immediately meets Cassidy while chasing a soul, and she fits every criteria for his perfect girl. Sara, far crueler and more shrewd than she initially lets on, forbids Ben to see Cassidy, though she has no qualms about her own extramarital affairs that she keeps secret from Ben. Ben is eventually able to negotiate a compromise with Sara after discovering she is pregnant with her married boyfriend Esteban's child.

When Ben's sham marriage is discovered by an INS agent, he is told he is going to jail. He gets money together to pay a fine in lieu of jail time, but Sara tricks him into giving her the money so that she can go on the lam. At the end of the episode "The Leak", Cassidy drives Ben to jail, telling Sock "When this is all over, my boyfriend will no longer be married." Early in the next episode, "Cancun," Ben arrives at the Work Bench disappointed that his friends forgot to pick him up after serving his eight-day sentence. Now Ben is in and on again, off again, on again, off again relationship with a demon named Nina. He also has a pet bunny named King Charlie. The reason Nina and Ben broke up the second time is because Ben's Grandmother does not like Nina. Now he has a pet frog named Prince. When his Grandma tried to get Nina cleansed, Ben said no and Grandma Gonzalez kicked him out of the family until Nina gets cleansed. Since Grandma Gonzalez Co-signed Ben's car, she took it from him. Nina decided to get cleansed, but she faked it. Now Ben is back in the family.