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Played by:

Bert Wysocki (known as "Sock")

The lowest-performing salesman at the WorkBench, Bert "Sock" Wysocki (played by Tyler Labine) spends most of his time sleeping in the stock shelves, planning his topless home supply store, and other time-wasting activities, He won the dog of the month award (the opposite of employee of the month) nine months in a row. He also regularly steals supplies from The WorkBench which aides them in capturing souls or he just uses them for fun (like making a mechanic bull from home supplies). Fortunately, he is braver and more athletic than his slacker persona suggests. Sock assists Sam with collecting souls.

Sock lived with his mother for the majority of the season but had to move out when she got married in Vegas. After being kicked out, he first lives in The Work Bench but then he finds an apartment and forges Sam's and Ben's signatures on the lease and they live there for the rest of the season.

At the start of the show Sock and Josie have just broken their relationship off but they get back together in the 14th episode and break off again in the final episode, with Josie saying that Sock is a bad boyfriend. In the last episode of the first season Sock kissed the succubus Marlena multiple times, losing one year from his life for each kiss (he estimates he has three years left).

Sock is also one only a handful of characters other than Sam who have captured a soul (the others being Mr. Sprong, Morgan, Andi and Ben). He captured the blob soul in episode five ("What About Blob?") with the sweater vessel, and in the season finale ("Cancun"), he caught the fortune teller soul by throwing the baseball vessel through her car window after the fortune teller tried to run over both Sam and him. In the second season the boys find out that they were kicked out of their apartment. So Sock and the boys move into Sock's house where he finds out he has a step-sister. Sock falls in love with her and eventually has sex with her. After getting smacked upside the head by his step-father with a fishing pole for sleeping with his stepsister, Sock finds out that his step-sister is moving back to Japan. In the next episode Sock falls for a woman with a boyfriend. Sock even lets Mr.Oliver live in his garage in a freezer with magnets for decorations. Before Mr.Oliver was sent to Hell, Sock gave him Ted's cell.