A Demon is a former angel that allied with The Devil and were cast out of heaven as a result. They now live on either Earth or Hell. The Devil assigns them various tasks. From delivering packages to operating a protal to Hell

Personality & TraitsEdit

The majority of demons are unrepentant and remain in their own ways. However, a few demons in rebellion of the Devil try to act better.

Demons can die, as evidenced by the destruction of Tony's first rebellion, but normal mundane weapons are incapable of killing demons which means the only reason the rebellion member were killed was because the Devil caused it. However good pacifistic demons, such as Steve, can be redeemed as an Angel and rejoin God in Heaven.

Types of DemonsEdit

  • Standard Demons, blue skinned humanoid creatures with long horns, bat-like wings and sharp fangs and claws examples are: Steve, Tony and the courier demon
  • Succubus, a special type of demon that must feed on life force to survive, doing so through a kiss, each "kiss" steals about a year of an average humans life an example is Marlena

Known DemonsEdit

  • Gladys, the DMV Demon
  • Steve, now an Angel again
  • Tony, leader of the Demon Rebellion against the Devil
  • Kenneth, an expert on legal contracts, instantly destroyed when he attempts to stab the Devil with the faux Sword of the Archangel Michael
  • 1st Demon Rebellion members
  • Courier Demon, who delivered the Contract for Sam's Soul
  • Marlena, a succubus
  • Nina, a demon assassin