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Greg is a friend of Andi's whom she met at a lecture at the college she attends. Greg hopes to see more of Andi and encourages her to quit The Work Bench and go to school full time. ("All Mine")

Andi is still seeing Greg weeks later, when The Devil tells Sam that he's also dating slutty twins. Andi hears about this accusation via Josie and confronts Sam with the information; it turns out that those are his sisters. ("What About Blob?") Greg is portrayed as the primary romantic antagonist of Sam, since both of them have feelings for Andi.

Months later, Greg sells his soul to the Devil so that he could make Andi love him. ("Greg, Schmeg") Sam explains that The Devil is on The Devil's side.the flaw in his deal with The Devil asking "Did you ever think to ask him to make Andi stop loving me?"  When Sam says this Greg realizes his mistake.  Sam however was able to get Greg out of his deal by using his "Get out of Hell Free" card which The Devil had given Sam at the end of the episode The Cop