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John Oliver is Sam's dad. He and Mrs. Oliver sold their son's soul to The Devil before he was born. They have another son, Kyle.

Mr. Oliver feels guilty about his son's predicament and as such, has openly tried to "buy" his love back by giving him a car. ("Charged") He's also made attempts to meet with The Devil in order to make other arrangements for Sam's soul. When this was denied, he agreed to look over Sam's contract, which is written in Latin (a language he was only briefly familiar with in college), and subsequently destroys portions of. ("What About Blob?") He does this in an attempt to hide the identity of Sam's true father. In the season one finale he is buried alive, and lived, ("The Leak"), later on in "I Want My Baby Back" it is revealed that he made a deal with the devil so that he wouldn't die and so now he can't (he is now a walking zombie).

In the close of "The Favorite" it is revealed that he has been living in Sam's mother's garage. Now he is living in a freezer in Sock's garage. Towards the end of "No Reaper Left Behind" Mr. Oliver tells Sam that he hates his unlive and tells Sam to send him to hell so he could find Alan and help Sam get out of his deal with the devil. So Sam uses the vessel he got in "Greg, Schmeg". Before leaving Sock gives Mr.Oliver Ted's cell phone. Later on Sam gets a text from Mr. Oliver saying he made it. "I should have brought water.."