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Ted is a manager at The Work Bench. He is the stereotypical manager, overbearing with employees who want nothing to do with him. He feels that he is cooler than he actually is and provides a humorous antagonist in the less mystical part of Sam's life -- echoing the Devil's role as Sam's other "manager". In "Episode IV: A New Hope", Sock blackmails Ted into rehiring himself, Sam and Ben. In "Dirty Sexy Mongol", Ted gets fired for hitting on a secret shopper for The Work Bench.

After he gets fired Andi becomes the manager of the work bench for a while and rehires Ted out of pity. He was brought back in as a trainee and seems to become a slightly better person before causing Andi to get demoted for agreeing to let Sock use the work bench to throw Teds bachelor party/

He then gets returned to his position as manager of the work bench.